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Help high-end clients make decisions faster

..and refer more people without having to compete with the under-cutters!

Clients Include:

For less than the cost of a drum of paint or two, your clients can see what any building will look like in a different colour without having to lift a brush or roller.

Imagine how impressed your clients will be when you show them multiple colours options without spending time and money painting the property!

If you could do all this do you think that your clients would…

Pay more…

Refer more people…

Make a decision faster…


Who am I?

Welcome, I’m Rachael. Founder, Chief Colour Designer, painting industry veteran.

And I’m committed to helping painters win more premium painting jobs, end time-consuming decisions for clients, and WOW your clients beyond belief!

All without having to spend endless hours following up, rearranging your diary, running to paint shops, or doing after-hours work!

Digital Overlays Summed Up

For less than a couple of paint drums, this is all available to you!

Through the magic that is technology and art, your clients can now see what they are paying for in days not weeks.

And ordering is quicker than running to the servo for 3 wingdings and a can of V…

They can see different options, colours and representations of the job all from the comfort of their couch.

Digital overlays are the secret to helping you win jobs at a premium rate, crush the under-cutters, cut your workload and even upsell them into more work.

What is a digital overlay?

original photo, left, and digital overlay, right.
The image on the left is the original photo, and on the right is the digital overlay my team created, adding new colours digitally, to help the painter's client visualise new colours.

See how Digital Overlays Helped Add $9 Million To This Property Valuation

The Sunshine Tower Hotel in Cairns was in dire need of TLC, and the clients were seeking a highly competent professional to undertake the work.

“I won the job because of digital overlays,” said David from Paint Corp.

They had a valuation shortly before work began, and it came back at $2.8 million.

Then after the painting was completed a second valuation came in at $11.6 million.

A massive 9.1 Million Dollar difference!

“I would say at least 50% of the value increase was due to the colour change – it really modernised the building.

“And digital overlays were the deciding factor for the contemporary colour change.” says David.

Sunshine Tower Hotel was a huge success, for both painter and client, and shows what a powerful combination a painter’s expertise with value-packed service can be.


Not Sure What Colour To Use?

If you aren’t sure what colour to use don’t worry you aren’t alone. One of the most common questions that we get is “what will this colour look like?” Luckily there are some great articles that can help you READ HERE.

However if you are looking for some colour recommendations then I would suggest you check out this bundle here → It will allow us to get you all the information, and overlays you need to see the best colour options.

See New Colour Schemes

Why Are Digital Overlays so freaking bad-arse!

Imagine if you could see what your building was going to look like without ever having to lay a brush imagine what your clients would think if you could offer them multiple different options of colours without actually having to paint.

Hi my name is Rachael Langford and I am the founder and chief colour designer of Digital Overlay, where we combine the latest digital technology with creative eye-for-detail to help create a colour design of your client’s dreams.

Whether you’re a property owner, painting professional or strata manager digital overlays will help you actually see what the building that you’re going to be working on looks like in different designs and different colours.

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to have a very contemporary look on your building or maybe you want to try changing from a boring white to a something a bit more contemporary and with a bit more pop.

Either way this is exactly what we can do when we combine the latest digital technology with the creative experience of a background in visual arts and Masters of Digital Design, and an actual painting industry background. I know the difficulties in getting a house painted and do all I can to help smooth the process.

Paint is expected to last 10, 15 or even more years, so what happens when your client doesn’t like the colour do you just be stuck with putting up with it? That’s why we’re here to help! We want to show you different ways your building could look without ever having to put paint on it.

Remove the uncertainty and the scariness of a final coat of paint that you don’t even like or that your customers aren’t happy with and actually get good solid representation of what it can look like before you get started. We provide certainty for the property owner and help professional painters win premium jobs.


I’ve delivered thousands of overlays. Here’s some of the feedback received.

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